Newbie needs some help :)

Hi there,
I am not too familiar with Shotcut yet and although I find it relatively easy to use for the most part; there is something I just can`t figure out:

Can I - and if so- How do I insert a photo into my video without making the audio stop?
I am trying to create a video for my boyfriend, that has short clips of his friends wishing him a happy birthday and saying some nice stuff- since he can´t see them in person atm.
Whenever I try to insert photos though, the video is completely interrupted - which is not what I´m trying to accomplish, since I want the audio still going.

I hope You guys understand what I´m trying achieve and have some advise as to what exactly I have to do.
I´m really sorry if my question has already been answered in this Forum- I simply couldn´t find a post that did so.
Thanks already
-Vivi :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome:
I don’t know if I understood the query correctly.
If you have a video in the V1 track, you can add “on top” images (photos) in the V2 track without interfering with the audio.
You can resize that image, rotate it, and move it around the canvas of your project.
Here is a practical example.
In the track V1 is the main video (orange rectangles)
On the V2 track there is an image for a while (green rectangles).

Is this what you need to know?


Hi there,
sorry it took me so long to answer.
You did understand my question right, Your explanation was indeed very helpful.
Thanks a lot!!!

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I am very pleased. :grinning:

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