Newbie needs help

I have three clips. I want to add a series of identical effects to each. Do I have to do this clip by clip or is there a way to “Apply All”…or a tutorial?

There is a copy-paste feature, but basically yes - one at a time.
Though you can apply filters to the track head which will add it to the entire timeline.

How do I do what you suggest in your second sentence?

Select the track head [far left olive green section] Once selected it becomes blue. Then add the filter.

OK. I’ve been doing that. I got the first two set, clicked the + to save and the program locks up every time. My Windows 10 taskbar shows a second “save preset” window has opened but I can see it or switch to it. I can delete it, but then I’m back where I started.

I am assuming I should be able to have few filters listed, saved and recoverable for my next project?

What are your hardware specs?
What are the properties of the video?
What are your Shotcut settings?
Is GPU processing on or off?

This is my first project. I’ll have to find those answers…tomorrow. Thanks for all your help, Steve.

I turned GPU processing on and the SAVE SETTINGS window shows up. I save, but where do I go to get it and apply to the V1 window?