[NEWBIE] How to speed up filter application (defaults and macros)?

Hi All,
I use Shotcut to edit video podcast. When cutting out pieces of people talking, it is convenient to fade out / in audio there where I cut, for very short time, like 00:05 . However, Shotcut’s audio fade in/out filter has a 01:00 default, that is too much.

I need to repeat that operation dozens, if not hundreds of times to reduce a one hour interview into about half that time. Two things could help:

a) if I could set 00:05 as the filter’s default, I would be incredibly faster. I know I can click on the little save icon, but I’d like that was the default when I open Shotcut, and

b) if I could automatically apply the two filters every time I split a video in a track.



If you save 00.05 as default it will remain in effect when you open Shotcut until you change it to different duration.

You can only do that if you copy and paste the filters. Select the first clip with the filter to copy.

03 AM

Then select the clip to paste it to.

04 AM

There is no automatic way to do it. There is a way but it’s a bit involved. See next post.

Actually there is a way to automatically apply the filters that you want every time you split the clips.

Here’s how to do it. Create a new file. Use open fie to open your video in the source viewer, or drag and drop it in the source viewer. Select the filters tab and add the fade in/out filters to the video. Set in and out points for the part you want to keep. Add it to the playlist using the + icon. Repeat until you have all the clips in the playlist. All the clips in the playlist will have the fades, or any other filter(s) that you applied. Create a new video track and add the clips you want from the playlist with drag and drop or use the Add all to Timeline function.