Newbie has a question on Importing DVT

I am new to Shotcut. Does it allow importing Digital Video Tape from my old Sony Handycam? I have the hardware to connect to pc. Some of you youngsters are probably asking, “What is digital video tape?”

LOL Thanks for any help!

I know what DVT is. First you have to transfer it by recording it with video capturing software. A very popular one is OBS Studios. How your camera connects to your computer and how OBS or other recording software would record it is beyond my expertise. OBS allows a wide range of settings for making video files, as I’m sure you wishing to have the best quality possible for your videos. OBS also has very active forum for support.

If you use OBS or any video recording software, make sure you test a small 1 minute or 2 minute clip before you go and record 50 hours of video and then later find out it’s not what you wanted for settings.

Once you got the video saved to some format like mp4, mkv, mov, etc… then you can import that file into Shotcut for editing. I still have some DVT’s laying around, lol.

[Edit] I didn’t know about this feature of Shotcut. This is if you have a capture card.

Thanks for the response! Actually Windows Movie Maker does a fair job at importing my files to .AVI with my firewire connection. WMM is no longer supported, but it will do for now. Thanks again!


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