New video: Inside Singapore Airlines' Training Center!

My latest Made with Shotcut video has been published.

Thanks to the suggestions by @RilosVideos and @DRM on my last post, I edited with Proxy Editing this round. There was a significant increase in performance of previewing the video while editing. :+1:t3:

Dragging either the start or end of a clip still slowed me down, even though I only used 1080p footage this time. When I click & hold on the end of the clip and start dragging, there generally is a delay of a few seconds before I see the change. However, I think this is mostly due to the laptop I edit on.

Overall, I continue being a happy & proud Shotcut user! Great job to the whole team! :+1:t3:


Wow - really interesting and very well done!
How did you manage to have a look behind the curtains in the SIA training center?
Are you related with SIA somehow? Or can you buy tickets for that?
The service in SIA and some other far east airlines is not comparable to european airlines!
They are so warm welcoming and caring about their customers.

We did a lot of flights to far east, esp. Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia,โ€ฆ but i am not really sure if we were once with SIA.

The lagginess of the fade-in/-out handles of the clips is not that worse with my laptop (P50, 32 GB RAM) but still recognizable. My problem is, if you once used the handles and want to readjust them later it does not work (dont know why). But you can adjust the timing in the filters directly - but its much more inconvenient.

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Thank you @RilosVideos!

This was part of a campaign Singapore Airlines launched to allow people to be more connected to the airline during this pandemic. I am not related to SIA in any form other than being a big fan of the airline. :smiley: I bought the ticket for around 23 USD.

Thatโ€™s great you got to fly all around Southeast Asia! I hope you will get a chance to fly with SIA as well in the future.

Thanks for sharing your experience with your laptop. I will upgrade to a more powerful PC in January; letโ€™s see how that will affect the Shotcut performance.

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