New Version 20.06 will not load

I tried to update from version 20.04 to 20.06, but I get error opening file for writing:
C:\Program Files\Shotcut\Qt5Core.dll
I tried a second download with the same result, and now I can’t open 20.04.
It could not find the Qt platform plugin.
Help. Please.

You could always download the old (20.04) version from here - if that is what you want:

Re-install it and tick the box to remove old registry entries.

Have you tried disabling your anti-virus software?
I have had no issues with 20.04 or 20.06 installing/loading.

I had left shotcut open while I was trying to install the new version. Once I closed the open program, it installed perfectly. Duh. My bad. But thanks for the advice.

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You might now have a mixture of components from different versions based on your description. I recommend to uninstall and reinstall.



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