New version 19.02: Qt Upgrade and HTTPS

You can read more about it here:


How come the size of the Windows installer is so small at 85mb? It’s 100 mb less than all the other Windows 64 bit installers for the previous versions. Even the beta for this one was a bigger file at 125mb.

Thank you so much, looks great on Debian and Thanks for the CLI parameters!!

(the exception is some missing icons in system- theme [lift overright, split, snap])

Woooooow! I had Shotcut crash on me so many times that Ctrl-S is in my muscle memory!!! And now, I guess since the QT upgrade - NOT A SINGLE CRASH !!!

This is great! Thanks heaps!


In previous versions, some of the libraries had portions of the C and C++ libraries statically linked instead of using the provided DLL (dynamically linked).

I think I need to stop trying to support the system icons on Linux because it too often results in a very poor user experience. Unless you are using the Oxygen icon collection for the system, you may get missing icons and an inconsistent appearance. Also, the standard icon collection is too small for most apps.

I noticed that there is an additional link - optional, to download / install the new version Shotcut 19.02.28 from the Microsoft Windows store (for a fee).
The text below the banner indicates: “To avoid ads and get automatic updates”.
I understand that automatic updating can be an advantage. I do not understand the text that talks about ads.
Do you think to add in the future some type of advertisement in Shotcut?

On the other hand, I did not have good experiences with Microsoft store applications versus desktop versions in different software.
What are the advantages in terms of performance or new features in the version of the Windows store?
I would first consider donating a quantity directly to the Shotcut developers and I would not be willing to enter into the dynamics of the Microsoft store.
Different software was left hanging in the development in the Microsoft store or simply a part of the development was abandoned leaving only one type of device active.
This happened with Stellarium astronomy software, or StarWalk 2, which is an outdated version of the Microsoft store.
The Inkscape desktop version is more fluid on my computer than the Microsoft store version, and these are some of the quick examples that pop up in my mind.

Congratulations on keeping up with updates and improvements to this great software.:clap:

They are the exact same builds - only a difference in packaging and delivery.

Do you think to add in the future some type of advertisement in Shotcut?

Only potentially for official Shotcut add-ons. The text refers to ads on the web site.

Thanks for your frankness.
As I said in the previous post, I prefer to donate directly and that I will do.
I think that work should be rewarded even if it is free software.
A greeting.

I run on linux, and don’t mind if the system icons are not supported… making this work can be very low priority if you ask me…

Just my 2c!

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