New Version 18.10 with Grid and Snapping

Here is the web page containing details:

Thank you to everyone who helped with the beta testing. We avoided some major regressions. The only things were not in the beta is an option to turn on automatic upgrade checks and build changes to add support for Intel Quick Sync Video and to bundle more Linux library dependencies.


Extending the grid lines beyond the active video area is great. It makes working with the Size & Position and Text filters so much easier.

I agree! :+1:

I’m enjoying the release. The bug though that I brought up in the thread for the pre-release hasn’t been fixed. I suppose what I was talking about was different from @TRA’s bug. If you take the Size and Position filter and move it around to change position the parameters for the size still change. That’s without the Grid feature activated. The change to the size parameters especially happens if you zoom out the view of the window to anything other than Zoom Fit. For instance like 50%, 25% or 10%. Zoom out then grab the drag handle in the center, just move it around and the size parameters get changed.

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