New user questions

Hello, I’m a amateur editor, just mainly do stuff for fun as a hobby. I have a couple questions.

What kind of export settings should I use to get monitor quality video from games. I use NVidia Shadowplay. The raw videos are 1920x1080 resolution, not really HD or 4k or anything, but they are the exact same quality as what is displayed on my monitor. I have been using Windows Movie Editor until I discovered this program a few days ago. WME would leave the videos pixelated, especially in dark areas.

This is my first video with Shotcut. I just picked some settings that I was familiar with. Bitrate, file type, basic stuff. I am mainly curious if I can set stuff lower or higher without making the files massive from using stuff I don’t need.

This is a raw video file from Shadowplay uploaded directly, not run through any software first.

This one was run through WME.

I like to make music videos, like the one I posted below. This took me almost a month to get right and I still had to make a lot of compromises with the syncing due to problems with WME.

Using WME gets frustrating because it’s hard to edit frame by frame stuff. Then some days it just decides that everytime I pause playback, edit a frame or change something that the audio should fall out of sync. I have to save multiple copies of projects before I edit something, then to check my work I have to close WME, restart it and load the project. So I’m curious what kind of audio features there are and if anyone is familiar with them.

On a related note, I like to do “remasters” of rare live audio, with video if it has it. Doing it with WME gets EXTREMELY tedious. I don’t have any fancy equipment or software. So I have to record the video from my desktop or browser with Shadowplay, then make a backup copy, open the copy in media player, record a separate video for each individual song, take each track set the EQ to my liking in WMP, then rerecord the video with mixed audio. Sometimes though I have to do more manipulation of the audio, like fixing the panning or things I can’t do in WMP. So then I have to take copies of each track convert them to MP3 and run them through audacity which I despise having to use, record the footage with no sound and splice them together with WME.

I’m wondering if Shotcut has an EQ feature so I can just edit and export the raw video with audio in one pass. If not, I’d like to submit that as a suggestion if it’s something that is possible.

Thanks for reading my long winded diatribe and any help is greatly appreciated