New user looking to edit table tennis matches


New shotcut user here and new to video editing in general, so please bear with me.

As a starting point, I am looking to use shotcut to edit my table tennis league matches. In table tennis there’s generally a lot of “downtime” between points so a match becomes considerably shorter if you edit those out. I’ve quickly got the hang of this basic process of triming thanks to the lovely tutorials available. What I do is I drop the full match onto the timeline and then start trimming into clips by using the “split at playhead” and “ripple trim in/out” keyboard shortcuts.

Now onto my question. I’m looking to add the same basic fade in filter to all the clips, using the quickest way possible. I realise there’s a slideshow feature in the playlist that can almost do what I want (it uses transitions instead), but I couldn’t find a way to quickly move all the clips from the timeline to the playlist. One thought I had was to export all the clips from the timeline individually and then add them to the playlist, but that doesn’t look like it can be achieved quickly/ in batch either.

Apparently this is a pretty simple and quick process in a program like adobe premier using this method, so hopefully there’s a quick way to do this in shotcut as well.

Any suggestions? What would you do to achieve this as quickly as possible?

I found out that you can add a filter to the whole track, instead of a single clip. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work with the fade in filter :frowning:

I’m open to any suggestions for improving the workflow as well. Maybe there’s a quicker way of doing this that I’m not aware of

I ended up moving to kdenlive that offers a “paste effects” option that works on multiple clips. Hopefully something similar is implemented at some point in shotcut as well (or make “fade in” work when setting filters for the whole track, as mentioned earlier). I see the paste filters to multiple option has already been requested here, though I don’t see it on the roadmap unfortunately EDIT it’s the “multi-select support for Filters” entry according to this comment. Good to see that it’s planned.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Shotcut’s development, as there are a lot of aspects I enjoy.

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