New User - How to Organize clips and move clip by frame?

Hello - I’ve been messing around with Shotcut and I’ve very happy to see a multiple timeline based NLE open source!

I’ve been watching tutorials and reading forums/FAQ/HOWTOs but there are two things that I haven’t figured out yet.

  1. How do you organize clips in a playlist? Is there a way to make multiple playlists, folders/bins in a playlist, rename clips? I’m starting out making some montage videos and looking for the recommended way of managing all the source footage.

  2. How do you move a clip on a timeline by frame? This is for lining up clips and timing things with music - the mouse just doesn’t cut it here.

It may be because these things are not in Shotcut, and that’s okay. If that’s the case, how do others solve these problems? For #1 I could use Avidemux precut all clips without recoding, and for #2 I guess I can zoom way in.



You can drag-n-drop them to reorder them.

This is on the road map.

Keyboard shortcuts to nudge should be on the road map, but it is not - at least not literally, certainly in my head it is an obvious thing to add, and maybe someone else will.

You can: double-click a clip to seek to its start and select it, Ctrl+C to copy it, ‘Z’ to lift it, cursor left or right a little, and then ‘B’ to overwrite it.



The nudge copy/paste method works great.

Also, the reordering in the playlist game me an idea - I can open some dummy PNGs named things like “Game Start” and “Big Plays” etc to create dividers in the playlist window.

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Me too please! We are filming important traditional presentations (show and tell by old people) with three cameras and several digital audio-recorders.

We could make our work-flow so much more efficient, if we could just keyboard-nudge our clips or the audio-clips directly in Shotcut, and then possibly time-lock certain items (two video-clips and one audio-clip) together, so they would move together. Seen it in Lightworks and they have key-nudge - but their zoom is useless so I never get to see what I am doing.

So far we are using a method (found online) where we analyse the offsets in Audacity, then crop the master-audio to fit one “master” video and assemble those two in Avidemux. And then come to Shotcut “to make it all pretty”… and add more camera angles for details (hands weaving something or whatever).

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