New Tutorial : Creating movie-style scrolling credits

Check out my brand new tutorial on using the Overlay HTML filter to create movie-style credits in Shotcut!

I plan to put this on YouTube sometime but I’m posting it here, inviting any comments and/or constructive criticism before it goes out to the public!! :grinning:

I’d like soon to similar tutorials for other methods, like a) using the size/position filter and b) how to create your own custom HTML file to create moving text.


Good stuff. I suppose that Method 2 will be a sequel video to this one? :slight_smile:

It’s great you want to make tutorials. I think you should focus on making tutorials for the HTML and WebVfx features and their capabilities. There really isn’t any significant Shotcut video tutorials on them especially dealing with the effects that you have been exploring.

Thanks, @drm . I agree. I will see what I can do and if I can find the time :grinning::grinning:

Excellent tutorial @jonray. You might want to add the Shotcut version you’re using. The Overlay HTML templates are a recent addition.
Some users using older versions might get confused as to why they can’t find the templates and submit a bug report.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @sauron. Ah yes, makes perfect sense, good suggestion. I will add that. Thank you.


Nicely done.
No doubt this will be of use to those wanting to do scrolling credits.
There are however some “gotchas” if the final footage needs to be interlaced.

  • Use big, bold fonts, ones with thin lines and edges will “tear” and be difficult to see.
  • Use a dark outline on the font, generally 4 to 6 pixels thick.
  • Use a scroll rate (lines/second) of 2 X your frame rate.

This will minimise flicker and jerkiness.

Good pointers, @Paul2 . Thanks for these words of advice, I appreciate them.

@jonray Great Post. Will be using this in the future for sure. I have been doing this with just the “text” & “size & position” filters, but this way offers much more in terms of flexibility.

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