New tutorial - create custom transitions from other video progs and use them in Shotcut

Here’s the link.

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Great, CHEERS!!:+1:

Hi @kenj69, there’s a lovely Page Curl transition in @elusien’s collection of 36 GL transitions (“Inverted Page Curl”). Just did this in Shotcut in minutes:

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I had been wondering myself it would be possible to use transitions from other programs in Shotcut. I find the transitions in Shotcut a bit limited, they all base on the same theme, fading one video over another. In other editors it is possible e.g. to move one video to the side with the new video coming in. I could not find such in Shotcut. But maybe it just me being less experienced.

I have also downloaded the 36 GL, now what do I do with it?

@jonray: Thank you for sharing this and for your search for new creative ways for SC.:+1:

This thread explains how to use the GL transitions.

Thats exactly the point! I wonder myself if there’ll be a ‘written’ answer too?

Download the ZIP file and extract it into a folder/directory.
In Shotcut create a transition from two clips by overlapping the first by the second.
Select the transition and change its PROPERTY to “cut”.
Move the playhead to the beginning of the transition.
Select the “Text: HTML” (or Overlay HTML) filter.
Select the option “Use WebVfx Javascript extension”.
Select one of the 36 GL transitions et voila - you have applied that transition to your video.

edit: The “cut” property change is advisory, try different ones to see if they suit the transition better. Also read the whole of the post mentioned by Sauron to get a better feel for what is possible.

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Those filters are cool!
I didn’t see any changes using “cut” or “dissolve” or “bar”.
But that message when ticking “Use WebVfx Javascript extension” gets annoying.

awesome man ill see if i can get it a try

Thanks so well!

I want to warn for the use of PhotoStage or any other product from NCH Software. NCH will spam your registry with countless “install on demands” for any likely or unlikely file-extension.

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Yes, anything from NCH is very bad news, keep away at all costs.

Hi @vansloneker and @paul2,
Thanks for the warning about NHC, although I downloaded Photostage by using the “free version” option (it’s very hidden - right at bottom of the webpage) and all seems to be working OK. Unless something sinister’s happening in the background of Windows that I don’t know about …


I made an extended german Tutorial for this idea.

thanks a lot for the video … helps more than millions of words …

Thank you! Hope it helps …:grinning:

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Buenas tardes,

@jonray ¿podrias explicar com hacer este efecto, es genial!!

Me instalé las 30ç6 transiciones, pero no se trabajar con ellas.



These are the main GL-Transitions from my webpage at: thar suaron downloaded and ZIPPED.

Go to that webpage and download the 3 files: gl-transition-objects.js, gl-transitions.js and shaderkit.js and save them in the same directory/folder where the Unzipped (extracted) GL transitions are.

These are HTML:Text (Overlay HTML) filters and you need to tick the “Use webvfx javascript framework” box when you use them. See that webpage for more instructions.