New to Shotcut. Looking to Optimize Trimming Process

I’m used to using Windows Movie Maker, which I’ve used for over a year. In it, I can easily trim hour-long videos each day with little to no hassle. I know all the shortcut keys, so I almost never need to touch the mouse. However, I’m having difficulty finding this same optimized work flow for Shotcut. It seems like I have to click on a section in order to use Ripple Delete (X), and once I’ve done so, I have to either drag the playhead or press alt-left to continue watching where I left off. In Movie Maker, there’s a tool called “Set Start Point”, which automatically ripple deletes everything between the last split point and the playhead’s current position. I use that tool for every trim, but Shotcut doesn’t seem to have something that convenient.

I’ve been meaning to switch video editors for a long time, and Shotcut’s the best alternative I’ve found. I just need to find an optimized work flow for trimming videos, focusing on shortcut keys and minimizing mouse usage.

You’ll find all the shortcut info here.

What isn’t there you can post as a suggestion.

I’ve seen that list before. What I was asking for was an optimized combination of keystrokes for trimming long videos.

How often are shortcut suggestions actually featured, anyway?

The Shotcut developers are pretty good about implementing suggestions and fixing bugs.

Scroll down this page and you will find a slew of fixes and improvements. Almost all were submitted by forum users.

Make a suggestion and you might get what you asked for.

I think everyone develops their own unique workflow using the tools available to them.
You’ve been accustomed to WMM for so long it has become familiar and comfortable, so moving to other software will alway involved a learning curve period and a new set of workflow habits to emerge.
Give it time, use Shotcut for a few months and you’ll settle into a routine that suits you.
Good luck.

Thank you for the responses, everyone. :slight_smile: