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Hello everyone and happy new year while there’s still time.

I’ve been using iMovie for my video editing and I’m new to Cutshot, which I’ve just discovered, with great interest, following a small problem with my Artlantis Sudio rendering software.

After 120 hours of calculation for a rendering of 1250 images at 25 fps, the computer stopped unexpectedly, for some reason
at the 1249th frame, so no .mov but fortunately a backup file of 1249 images in .tga.

After modifying the file to .jpg I was able to edit it with MPEG Streamclip but the result is a bit jerky and I can’t find a solution to make the video smoother.

So here are my questions on the forum:

How can I edit the 1249 frames in Cutshot at 30 frames per second to make it smoother when viewing?

A side question, how can I get the same kind of transitions that I get in iMovie: fade to black with the possibility to adjust the duration?

To illustrate my questions, here is the “provisional” link to the video:

to watch in HD, flyover sequence at 16:57

Editing the sequences in iMovie and then final editing, adding soundtrack, adjustment and exporting to YouTube format in Cutshot.

Thanks in advance for your advice and have a nice day.

Cutshot ???, It is called Shotcut :grinning:

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That does happen in the spell check of my Mac. Maybe it’s the same for him.

This shows how to make a slideshow in shotcut, just drag images into playlist and do this

Don’t know why, but it doesn’t show the video. And also doesn’t play any audio.

Fixed now :grinning:

Thanks for your answer but I don’t want to make a slide show I need a movie
My question was:
“How can I edit the 1249 frames in Shotcut at 30 frames per second to make it smoother when viewing?”
No transitions, just playing at 30 images per second.
Thanks for any further clue.

OK, It is an image sequence, you have all the separate frame af separate files.



just drag the first image into the playlist and Ctrl-Return to show it in the viewer.
Then select properties and check the Image sequence

Thank you!
this look much closer to what I’m looking for.
I will test this way later on today and let you know if I get it.

Thanks again

For a good video on how to do this see from 7:00 here: Recreate a video from stills? - #3 by bentacular

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Well thank you too. It looks like with these two tutorials I will find my way!
Thanks again guys.

Just to remind I had a side question:
How can I get the same kind of transitions that I get in iMovie: fade to black with the possibility to adjust the duration of the transition?

If I may add my grain of salt…
In case Shotcut have issues dealing with an image sequence that have 1250 images on your computer, I would suggest you divide these images in folders of maybe 50 images. Then treat each folder separately and finally join together all the resulting clips (in Shotcut of course).

Hi guys!

Once again a big thank you to all.
Thanks also to all those who design and improve this software that I discovered with great pleasure, incredibly easy to use and with surprising results.

So now you can have a look at the final version of Atlantis:


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