New Text Fonts

Can we please add more fonts / effects to text. We would love more fonts with things like letter outlines etc.

New fonts ? I don’t understand. There are thousands of free fonts you can download on the Internet that you can use in Shotcut. And regarding text effects, Shotcut have pretty much all the tools you need to create your own effects. Learn how to use them, watch tutorials, use your imagination. :slight_smile:


Rejected. Shotcut uses the fonts installed in your operating system and will not be bundling them. Find, buy, and add them yourself.

OK pour les polices qui sont celles du système mais est-il possible de prévoir aussi un contour de texte, un fond de texte et éventuellement l’espacement des lettres ?

Question : Quand on a fait disparaître par erreur la barre flottante, comment la retrouver ?

ET félicitations pour les dernières versions qui apportent de belles fonctionnalités très utiles.

Grand merci,

OK for the fonts which are those of the system but is it possible to also provide a text outline, a text background and possibly the spacing of the letters?

Question: When we made the floating bar disappear by mistake, how do we find it?
AND congratulations on the latest versions which bring great and useful features.

Big thanks,

Ohhh thankyou i never new that :slight_smile: