New Text Filter Issue on Linux

Continuing the discussion from Text Filter Alpha Channel Broken:

It does appear that the previously reported problem is fixed on Windows 10 with Shotcut 16.11.02, however there appears to be a slightly different problem on Linux now in the latest version.

When I add a text filter to a color clip and try to change either the Font or the Background, nothing happens the first time I choose something in the Please choose a color dialog and click OK. In order for the change to take effect, I need to click Font or Backround again (where I can see that my previous selections are still current) and then click OK again. The second time, my changes show up.

This is on a new project with a single color clip added to the timeline on Xubuntu 16.04 64-bit.

I reproduced this; too bad for API behaviors inconsistent with documentation and between platforms. :confounded: I made a fix for the next release. Thanks for bringing it to attention.

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You can fix your existing install file with a simple, one-line change. Edit

Go to line 64, and change “color” to “currentColor” - note the middle C must be upper case.

That did the trick. Thanks!