New Shotcut Tutorial How to Import, Save, and Export Video for Youtube

How to Import, Save, and Export Video for Youtube.

I am making more of these tutorials and will try to make them very simple to help people get started. I am a teacher and I am not monetized in any way. I have worked with complicated software packages and Open Source initiatives in the past. I was a co-owner of FeReel Animation Labs, the Developers of BlastCode a Maya plugin that did demolition sequences for the Motion Picture Industry. I have experience creating content, and have presented as a vendor at the Siggraph Convention.

I used to own and curate a website called You can see it on the wayback engine. I have been involved in visual arts for well over a decade.

Link to video

Let me know if there is any special feature you would like me to make a video about. I have been using Shotcut for a while, but am still learning and evolving with it too.

The Framerate ist quite unconventional and it seems to be the source-framerate.
You haven’t mentioned anything about the ‘advanced’ export settings, that would be very helpful.
If someone simply follows this tutorial, the result may not be the desired one.

And by the way: you use an old SC-Version.

But OK, You’ll grow with your tasks. :smiley:

Great, nice and simple for new users, with minimal waffle! I like it.

Thanks! I try to keep it simple for everyone. I am not having anyone mess with the advanced export settings in the basic tutorial. It takes a bit of practice to get all of those things correct. I have added another tutorial that teaches about fades and transitions. It is a bit more in-depth.


That is the most current stable version of Shotcut offered. I can use the advanced export settings, but most people will only do this when they need to. I do see the value in this, and will add it to later videos. Thanks for your feedback.

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