New Shapes and Text Filters for Old Versions of Shotcut that Support Webvfx

New Shapes and Text Filters for Old Versions of Shotcut that Support Webvfx

Some users, myself included, while using the latest release of Shotcut for the majority of projects, continue to keep an old copy of Shotcut that supports Webvfx (my version is 20.07.11). I use this old version for several reasons, mainly because it is still in many cases the easiest way to get HTML animation and CSS/SVG-styled text onto video.

The technique I use is to create and export a video clip (usually with an alpha channel - transparency) on the old version of Shotcut, then open this in the latest version, where I edit the rest of the clips. There are so many new features in the latest releases that it does not generally make sense to use the old version for anything but this.

Users Namna, MusicalBox and myself, have continued to develop Webvfx filters for these old versions of Shotcut and are making two new ones (Shapes and Text: Webvfx) available for others to download. I have used them both and found that some amazing effects can be produced with very little effort. See one that Namna produced below, creating a Union Jack flag very easily, along with a screenshot of one of the filter’s GUI.

This collaboration has been made possible thanks to the Shotcut Forum, which has a great set of members who regularly help each other out and come together in collaborations such as this.

These filters, “Shapes” and “Text: Webvfx”, can be downloaded as ZIP files from my website, which has documentation and instructions on how to install them on Webvfx-compatible versions of Shotcut. See here: Shotcut Filters.

PLEASE NOTE that these, and other filters such as Text: HTML, are only supported on versions up to and including Shotcut release 20.09.27, although in that release the webvfx filters were disabled by default. The last release where Webvfx filters were enabled by default was version 20.07.11. DO NOT INSTALL THESE ON LATER SHOTCUT RELEASES

It is not realistic to implement Webvfx on later versions of Shotcut, so please do not post suggestions on the forum to that effect - it cannot be done. Hopefully the text filter capabilities of later versions of Shotcut can be enhanced to provide similar features.


This is just brilliant - congratulations to @namna, @musicalbox and @elusien. The Union Jack flag animation is GREAT! @musicalbox, would it be possible to post your brilliant Canadian flag animation here as well for all to see? A superb collaborative effort from talented forum members… :+1: :+1:


The canadian flag - How it was done:


Two other examples, if nobody minds.

I made bubbles with the Shapes filter.

It took about 2 or 3 minutes to create the first bubble.
The bubble, it’s reflection and animations use only one track. I then copied the track to create the animation.


I also created this animated pie chart, using the Shapes and Text: Webvfx filters.

If you don’t count V1 and V2 that were used for the background, the title and the text at the bottom, this animation takes only 2 tracks. But it would also work on one track.


Wow! Stunning animations! Bravo :+1: :+1:

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… but since when has a rock been a pet? :rofl:

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Should be on top of the list in my opinion.
Best pets ever.
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That can be used to make a circular progress bar…

And also PACMAN !

For a progress circle, I’m pretty sure @Elusien’s method is quicker. That tool is so clever. You can edit the settings and capture the result in a couple of minutes.


Bulles, camembert et packman, bravo et merci pour ces exemples.
On peut aussi souligner qu’il est possible en utilisant le filtre forme suivi d’un filtre chromakey de faire apparaitre tune partie de la piste inférieure. (Création de vignettes ou de transitions)
J’avais déjà montré cet exemple dans un autre fil.

Bubbles, camembert and packman, bravo and thanks for these examples.
We can also underline that it is possible by using the shape filter followed by a chromakey filter to make part of the lower track appear. (Creation of thumbnails or transitions)
I had already shown this example in another thread.


Fair point. And, I suppose you can put a collar and lead on them… :yum:
But … do they play the flute, like my pet does? :rofl:

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I kind of forgot that one. Yes, nice use of the filter.

Je l’avais oublié celui-là. Bel exemple en effet.

I bet they could :slight_smile:
How is Pippi by the way ?

How can I enable Text: HTML filters on Shotcut release 20.09.27 ?
Thank you.

You can simply search “text” In the filters tab, and it will show up. I have not used that version, so I don’t know how to enable webvfx, but others out here can help for that.

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I don’t think you can.
Text: HTML was hidden in v20.09.13 and replaced by Text: Rich

If you want Text: HTML, install v20.07.11


In the 20.09.27 version of Shotcut the filter is HIDDEN. You need to edit the filter’s “meta.qml” file to UNHIDE it. Delete the line that says “isHidden: true”.

On Windows the file to edit is:

C:\Program Files\Shotcut\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters\webvfx\meta.qml


Thank you very much :grinning: :pray: :heart: