New "RADAR" text effect created with Text:HTML filter

Hi folks, I suddenly had the idea today to see if I could create a text effect in which the text sort of explodes outwards in an artistic way, so I messed about a bit and created a HTML/CSS file which makes use of @elusien’s Webvfx framework. Like I used to do in the olden days … :smile:

I then made this short demo with 3 short mock-titles. My apologies to @bentacular and @stgtravels for using some of their footage!!! I hope they forgive me!! :smile: All tongue-in-cheek!! :smile: :smile:

HTML files attached (those with purple backgrounds can be opened directly in a browser, transparent backgrounds can be applied to a transparent clip as an overlay ) … Feel free to adapt them and add text of your choice.

RADAR text effect HTML examples by (64.2 KB)

Grateful thanks as usual to @elusien.


LOL! I’m famous now!

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LOL! :smile: :smile:

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Very nice effect, well done.
Keep 'em coming, I for one will always keep an old copy of SC with Webvfx around.

Thanks for the scripts. It’s always a source of knowledge acquiring.

@Paul2 and @pfeuh, thank you.

Glad to provide the scripts. Just for information, I forgot to mention that the scripts feature fonts that I have installed on my system. If the particular font is not on a users computer the result will be the default Time New Roman font which won’t look right. You can change the font names by editing the HTML files.

@jonray No worries on using one of my clips as a background.

And great job on the effect, looks fantastic! I might use this in the future. :smiley:

Gracias @jonray, voy a intentarlo. Me parece un recurso muy bueno.
Gracias por compartirlo.

Thanks @jonray, I will try. I find it a very good resource.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Anie, you are most welcome.
Please remember though that it will not be possible to use this effect in future versions of Shotcut after 20.06 - but it’s easy to revert back to previous versions in the future!

Gracias Anie, de nada.
Sin embargo, recuerde que no será posible usar este efecto en futuras versiones de Shotcut después del 20.06, ¡pero es fácil volver a versiones anteriores en el futuro!

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