New project saving as .mov

Hi, When I start a new project and add videos I am lead to convert them to .mov files. Is that an unavoidable part of the process? It seems to be time consuming and delays finishing the project and exporting as mp4.

Thanks for any advice on this.

There is a slider that lets you choose one of three quality levels for the conversion, with the MOV option being a higher quality version.

The conversion can be skipped. However, there are risks to this, such as cuts and transitions not being frame-accurate to what you expected. Seek times and preview playback performance may also be unacceptably slow with unconverted files.

The real question is why Shotcut is prompting for conversion in the first place. It only does this to files it thinks could cause a problem, such as variable frame rate files from cell phones. Many cell phone files are “good enough” if you just want a basic edit for a personal project, and perfection is not required. However, if you’re planning a project of any substance, conversion prevents a lot of headaches later on that are not easily fixed once placed on the timeline.


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