New mouse scheme makes shotcut lag

I have recently changed my mouse scheme from windows default white to windows default black, this causes a little bit of lag, which is unnoticeable by those who work on less than 32GB ram, it is still very fast but as I am used to on very high speed it feels a bit slow. I do not have big problems, but I am just curious to know why it does so. And if there is a possible solution, you can tell me.

It is annoying to type my system specs everytime or find it written on an old topic and copy-paste. So I will just copy-paste into my forum about page.

I just tried this on my system. I am not able to perceive a difference. What are the specific things you do that are slower, and how much slower is it?

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Enabling toggles and moving tracks (edit:- *clips on tracks). They feel a bit slower on the black cursor, but works good on white one.

Not a larger difference, Not accurate but 2x times slower, for eg:- In the white cursor around 10-15ms and in black 30-35ms. I Can’t specify the accurate time, it’s hard to record it on a stopwatch or something, eyes can easily find the difference. I will record a gif or mp4 of the difference when I finish rendering my 3D animation.

I found the problem, it was a Windows bug, which was solved by updating.

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