New icon for Shotcut,hope you like it : 0 (2.4 KB)

Shotcut is a great software, but the previous startup icon is a bit dark , especially under the dark theme of Mac, so I made this startup icon.It has been improved a lot for me, just take it if you need.

It’s ok, but still not good.

Think of those users who work overnight, like me, and use everything on dark mode. This logo stresses there eyes. And a too bright logo isn’t that attractive, recently I met a photographer, who told me that 3 colors are the best amount of colors that should be in a single picture, and shotcut already has that in its logo.

Sorry, but I don’t like the logo idea.

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Thx for the comment, too many colors and too bright? How about this one?

Remember, shotcut uses a opensource text in it’s logo, are you also using a opensource text?

For this one, hmmm…, the translucent white line and the text style, the S in the text is little bit hard to understand.

You are right, the handwriting style is harder to recognize. I will use this one as the startup icon, thank you for your suggestion.

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I am ok with the original logo.

But can you provide the source file of the second logo in the forum pm (personal message), so that I can customize it to my suitings, I really like the gradient and punchhole in the logo.

Of course.
I can’t find the PM icon in your avatar,so I just uploaded here. (14.6 KB)

feel free to contact me if you need any thing.

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That’s the message box when you click on my avatar.


Btw, which program did you use to create it.

I might use it to edit the file, like illustrator or inkscape, or something like that.

A ai file for me would be helpful, because that’s what I use for editing svg.

SVG files can be created through Adobe Illustrator

Inkscape, GIMP, and Vectornator are free programs that can work with SVG files.


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yes, you can edit it with Inkscape.

The version I uploaded before is in pure svg format, which means that you can open it with illustrator but the blend mode will be lost, and the pdf format is displayed correctly, or you can download this version edited by inkscape 1.1.1 for Mac. (3.0 KB)

this version may not have good compatibility with other software,it is just been test with inkscape.

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It looks good.

There is some rules to designing a great logo.

  • it shout work in black/white*
  • it should work in very smal sizes 16x16 an large sizes also
  • use as few colors as possible

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