New here. What is a filter? Why don't I have any?

Hi. I’m new here. When I click Filters I get a black window with no features at all.

This doesn’t seem right.


Hi. When you click Filters you should see a + button somewhere on the black window. When you click that button you will see a bunch of different filters you can apply to your video. Keep in mind that you have to have a video/audio clip selected to be able to apply filters. Hope this helped.

You should start here :
And here :

There should be a + button somewhere on the black window. There is not. There is no text. There is no links,. There is no cucsor entry field. There is only black.

I checked the tutorials. When the guy clicks ‘Filters’ he gets a window with links. I get only a black window. Black, Black ,only Black. Nothing but black. All black., Nothing at all. Just black.

I think I got a bad download installation.


Is it windows XP ?
I bet you have a 32 bits computer. Did you install the good version?

Hi and thanks. I am running win7 on a 64 bit computer. I downloaded a 64 bit version from I don’t remember where. I am thinking ‘bad download’ too. Can you suggest a good download? I’ll try again.


Filters list window is empty until you click the + sign [to add a filter]

Yes but I don’t understand why the window (that could be incorporated in the prog but should work anyway) is black.

I thought it could be a GTK issue…

@jbalms you took it from official website right ?

I uninstalled and re installed from the link you gave me. Still black and blank.


Oh wow! I just dragged a file into the filter window and got a +. Clicked it and got some filters. Now I will have a lot to learn.