New here; how do i unlock a track?

I’m trying to make a youtube video, and when i drag a video into my timeline, it says “This track is locked”. How do i unlock it?

Never seen that so I can’t help except to ask [a] Where are you dragging FROM (for some, dragging from an SD card doesn’t always work though I’ve never had a problem)?
and [b] Is the file open in another program already?

Is the message outlined in blue in the below screenshot the message you’re referring to?

If so, make sure that the track’s padlock shows an unlocked state (shown in green outline in the screenshot), and not a locked state (shown in red).

If it’s in a locked state, just click the padlock to unlock it.


If it’s already shown to be unlocked, save the file (to a new file, just in case), close ShotCut, and re-open. Might just have gotten confused along the way.

Thank you so much!