New Free Video Stabilization Tool


my name is Alexander Lindert from Austria and I am planning to release a Free Version and a Pro Version of a video stabilization tool based on OpenCV and Qt.

The first release will be the freeware version which supports advanced adaptive filters for stabilization.
This tool is mentioned to stabilize the videos out of the camera before putting them into Shotcut or other video editors.
It will provide the stabilization path graph and shows the pixel margins of a custom set center crop to find the optimal stabilization filter settings.
The time consuming source file shakiness analysis needs to be done in almost any cases only once. Calculating the new smoothed paths from new filter settings is done in almost no time.

Currently in comparison with Shotcut’s stabilization from the FFMPEG it looks far more stable and beats Shotcut’s stabilization in most cases.

To promote this tool to the world I am planning to make a video how you get out the most of Shotcut’s stabilization filter and later on showing the benefit using my tool to do the stabilization.

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