New filter "Vibrate"

As I saw the new filters ‘Choppy’ and ‘Vertigo’ (reminds me on a Hitchcock-Film) :wink: , how about to create a new filter that gives a filmsequence a ‘vibrating-effect’?
The solution of how to do is given here:

Have you looked at the Nervous filter?
It does a pretty good job of recreating that Alfred Hitchcock movie effect.

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Of course, but it seems random when I only set it ‘2 frames’ and after exporting sometimes it makes more.

That’s the way the nervous filter works. Using 2 frames is the closest you can get to reproducing the effect.
Made an Auto Hot Key script that makes it easy to re create the effect the way it was done in your video.
Run the AHK script.
You need 2 tracks. Video on lower track. Select the clip. Press Ctrl+V. The script splits and copies the split clips to the upper track. Run the script as many times as you want. Then move the clips to change the frame order to 2,1,4,3,6,5…

Vibrate.txt (344 Bytes)

The script in action.

The video with this method

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Thank you!

Brilliant @sauron! Yes, I’m using AutoHotKey more and more to automate tasks, not just in SC but other progs too. This is a very creative and effective use of it. Ingenious! :+1::+1: