New file isn't appearing during export


I’ve been using Shotcut for a long time but since recent updates (There were 2 updates since then), it was impossible for me to export any new videos.

I don’t have any idea how I can fix the issue, it would be appreciated if explanation would be easy to understand. :slightly_smiling_face:

Those are the logs:

[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] Encoder: input is system memory surface
[h264 @ 000001b8ceaa2440] Reinit context to 656x864, pix_fmt: yuv420p
[h264 @ 000001b8cee1c640] Reinit context to 656x864, pix_fmt: yuv420p
[h264 @ 000001b8d43af0c0] Reinit context to 656x864, pix_fmt: yuv420p
[producer avformat] audio: total_streams 1 max_stream 1 total_channels 1 max_channels 1
[AVIOContext @ 000001b8cea09e00] Statistics: 635598 bytes read, 2 seeks
[chain avformat-novalidate] C:/Users/Radzimir/Desktop/Radzimir/OBS Pog/Films/PvZ Heroes - Scenes/31-2 Zch.m4v
checking VFR: pkt.duration 3000
[filter swresample] 1(mono) f32le 44100Hz → 2(stereo) f32le 48000Hz
[h264 @ 000001b8d459a900] Reinit context to 656x864, pix_fmt: yuv420p
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] Initialized an internal MFX session using hardware accelerated implementation
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] Using the constant quantization parameter (CQP) ratecontrol method
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] profile: avc high; level: 40
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] GopPicSize: 125; GopRefDist: 4; GopOptFlag: closed ; IdrInterval: 0
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] TargetUsage: 5; RateControlMethod: CQP
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] QPI: 18; QPP: 23; QPB: 30
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] NumSlice: 1; NumRefFrame: 2
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] RateDistortionOpt: OFF
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] RecoveryPointSEI: OFF
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] VDENC: unknown
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] Entropy coding: CABAC; MaxDecFrameBuffering: 2
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] NalHrdConformance: OFF; SingleSeiNalUnit: ON; VuiVclHrdParameters: OFF VuiNalHrdParameters: OFF
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] FrameRateExtD: 1; FrameRateExtN: 25
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] IntRefType: 0; IntRefCycleSize: 0; IntRefQPDelta: 0
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] MaxFrameSize: 783360; MaxSliceSize: 0;
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] BitrateLimit: ON; MBBRC: OFF; ExtBRC: unknown
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] Trellis: auto
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] RepeatPPS: OFF; NumMbPerSlice: 0; LookAheadDS: 2x
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] AdaptiveI: unknown; AdaptiveB: unknown; BRefType: offMinQPI: 0; MaxQPI: 0; MinQPP: 0; MaxQPP: 0; MinQPB: 0; MaxQPB: 0
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] DisableDeblockingIdc: 0
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] PRefType: default
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] TransformSkip: unknown
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] IntRefCycleDist: 0
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] LowDelayBRC: unknown
[h264_qsv @ 000001b8ce9fed00] MaxFrameSizeI: 0; MaxFrameSizeP: 0
[consumer avformat] Could not open ‘C:/Users/Radzimir/Desktop/Radzimir/OBS Pog/Films/PvZ Heroes - Videos/PvZ Heroes - Zombies CP 31.mp4’
[aac @ 000001b8cea0b080] Qavg: nan

Failed with exit code 1

Is this file missing? If it is there, maybe Shotcut is not allowed to read it because of Windows Protected Folders:

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That’s the thing it doesn’t create a file at all, I checked whenever I had it somewhere but nope.

I know normally a file should been created once you start exporting but it just doesn’t do it for some reason which results in error. :confused:

I suggest to try to export to a different folder. You could also try to run Shotcut as Administrator (as a test).

So I did try exporting to different folders, with and without running Shortcut as Administrator, unfortunately it seems it yields same results no matter what. :confused:

A different folder that isn’t on the Desktop? Such as C:\Temp

Have you tried exporting without using the Hardware Encoder? Does that work?

I did try it out a couple of time without Hardware Encoder and it still end up not working. :confused:

Was the export being written to somewhere other than the Desktop folder (or a subfolder of it)? The desktop is most likely protected as the linked post above shows. Or perhaps anti-virus isn’t allowing writes there.

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