New clips overwriting the timeline

I just started messing around with Shotcut after watching the tutorial video from Teacher’s Tech.

I have multiple clips (raw video files from OBS + an audio wav file extracted from Vegas studio) in my playlist bin. I add the first clip by dragging it into the timeline. When I try to drag another clip to auto-create a second track, it overwrites the current track and clip. When I create a new track first, so I have two tracks - one with my current clip and a second track for the one I want to add - the same thing happens. I drag the new clip down into the empty track, and when I drop, it automatically overwrites the clip in the first track. It doesn’t matter which track I have selected, when doing this. Same thing even happens when adding an audio clip - it overwrites whatever is in the timeline.

Only thing that works for me is to click “append”, which simply adds the new clip to the end of the current one, and then I can drag things around to multiple tracks. Not a big deal now that I have figured out to do it this way, but I am assuming that it IS still supposed to be possible to just drag and drop to auto-create tracks like it is done in the tutorial video?

AFAIK you can only auto create one track with drag and drop. Additional tracks need to be created manually.

You need to enable ripple trim and drop for clips to be inserted at the playhead.


You might have ripple all tracks enabled. Disable it if you don’t want all tracks to be affected when you drag and drop clips.


You might want to look at keyboard shortcuts. IMO it makes editing easier and more precise than using drag and drop.

Ahh thank you. It was the ripple trim and drop that I didn’t have enabled. Now I can indeed add clips to existing tracks without overwriting my current clips. Ripple all tracks was and is disabled.

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