New AAC encoder and video speed set by frame rate

The AAC encoder in Shotcut seems to be very inefficient and sounds really bad at bitrates like 192kbit/s which is no issue for the Vegas AAC codec. Open Source encoders like NeroAAC are probably a good choice. And since I am muxing 23,976fps videos with PAL from a 25fps source, it would be very nice to have a option to change the FPS of a video which then affects the speed of the playback. I know this can take some time, but these are features I love in Vegas which I would love to see in Shotcut since Vegas has color problems which limit my workflow there (colors are just wrong no matter what I do) :woozy_face:

We use the AAC encoder built into FFmpeg and will not be integrating anything else unless FFmpeg does. The FDK implementation is not acceptable due to licensing restrictions.

Aw :confused:
And what about the speed changing using framerates?

That is very esoteric, and I am not going to work on it before the long list of more basic and important things. Maybe someone else will.