Need to make a DVD

Good afternoon! After multiple attempts and after searching through previous help topics, I still cannot make a simple DVD. I believe it is due to my ignorance and level or expertise (read: lack of expertise), but the fact remains that I still need to make a DVD. I’ve exported the file as a DVD at the required 720x480 resolution, but it resulted in a 404 MB “file” that says it is over two hours long. That makes no sense to me. If you areable to help, please give me just the absolute basics since I am such a beginner. For instance, if it is impossible for Shotcut to make a DVD in a simple way, please let me know and I will just use another program. Thanks!

Shotcut is a video editor, you need a DVD authoring program to create video DVDs.
Something like this

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Thank you so much, Steve! Based on my earlier research, I figured it would be you who would answer me. Happy New Year!