Need help with Wave (video) effect

So I’m trying to use the “wave” effect to make an overlay image wavy, but there’s a black silhouette of the image behind it. The waving image is also being cropped into it’s own shape, so it just doesn’t look clean at all. If anyone has a fix, it would be most appreciated

Hi @McTonk

The Wave filter doesn’t work too well with images.

I suggest you try the Distort filter instead.

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Not exactly what I’m looking for, but still works.

You’re welcome

There is a way to make the Distort filter look a bit more like the Wave filter:

  • Copy the Distort filter.

  • Paste it to create a duplicate.

  • Add a Size, Position & Rotate filter below the 2 Distort filter.

  • Set Rotation to 90.0°

  • Add another Size, Position & Rotate filter.

  • Move it between the 2 Distort filters.

  • Set Rotation to 270.0°


Adding those two SP&R filters rotates the effect of the 2nd Distort filter.
As a result you get horizontal waves AND vertical waves.

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