Need help for building shotcut on Mac

I successfully build MLT, but i have some problems of building shotcut.

  1. When finishing building shotcut, i have no PlugIns directory at So i create PlugIns directory and copy the mlt/lib/mlt directory to PlugIns directory. Finally i have no error with mlt_repository_init: no plugins found in “xxx”, but i don’t know why i have no PlugIns directory, can you explain about it and tell me what is the right way to do this? :smiling_face_with_tear:

  2. After doing things above, shotcut still can’t open video file and .mlt file. The error is “Failed to open xxx”. I use CLion Debugger to find the reason and i found mlt_factory.c----mlt_factory_producer()—mlt_repository_create, this function return NULL with two times calling and service is “loader” and "/usr/local/test.mp4 ". I have no thought about it :smiling_face_with_tear:

  3. I found Shotcut SDK (1.6 GB, current version 22.12.21, Intel build) at How To Use the macOS SDK is invalid, i can’t download it. And how i follow this tutorial with my M1 Mac?

I spent several weeks building MLT and Shotcut, but i can’t finish it. I just want to read and learn MLT and Shotcut source code. Can you help me?

This is not necessary. That is only for the app bundling for distribution. You should remove this. After installing the build of MLT using make (or ninja) install, you should be able to melt -query and see a list of many plugins. If not, you need to stop here and get that working. There should be nothing special to do really to get that working other than a big stack of dependencies you can get from MacPorts or Homebrew, Also, for the latest unreleased Qt6 version of Shotcut you must use MLT git master plus running cmake with Qt6-only options: -DMOD_QT=OFF -DMOD_QT6=ON.

The old SDK is useless on ARM CPU. The next one will be universal, but you must wait until I get around to making it (if I ever do).

Thanks for your reply!
I will try another version of MLT and Shotcut.

Sorry to bother you again.
My melt works without any error but my shotcut still can’t open video and .mlt as i said above. Can you tell me the possible reasons about it?

Does melt at the command line open the video or .mlt file? If those are not working, the video depends on the MLT avformat module, which uses FFmpeg libs. The .mlt needs the MLT xml module, which uses libxml2. Again, you can use melt -query to check for the avformat and xml producers.

Thanks for reply!
my melt works well with -repository and avformat, I can use melt -repository /usr/local/lib/mlt avformat:test.mp4 to play a video.
Maybe shotcut is the problem?

After you built MLT, did you install it to that location? Or does that location contain a previously installed instance of MLT?

Maybe you need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to tell your environment where to look for the MLT libraries that you built.

That should not be necessary. I even forgot that option exists! If you need to do that Shotcut will not work. The default location for the repository is based on where you configured the install prefix with CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX

Sorry replying lately.
After replace Clion and switch to qt5 version, i can open video file now. :smiling_face_with_tear:
But i have another error when i drag video into timeline, the error is ‘shotcut could not find the frei0r cairoblend plugin’, i will work on it.
Thank you so much for replying.

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