Need Help Fixing Variable Frame Rate Issue

I have put together a video using clips from my phone that use variable frame rates. The project is 30fps and the variable frame rates are listed at about 29.9XX, with the X’s being different for each clip. I have used shotcut quite a bit and never messed with changing them upon import and never had a problem before, but for some reason with this video, after about 10 minutes there is a noticeable issue between the audio and the video with the audio beginning early. I have read other topics on the matter and it seems that these clips (most of hundreds) need to be converted and reimported. That would effectively mean that I would be starting over… which would suck unbelievably. Is there any way to change the frame rate of the clip (or the speed at which they play) to make a corrective adjustment to fix the problem? Any other fixes before a clean wipe??

Before starting over, there’s a chance this can be fixed at the source.

Let’s assume all the videos are in the same folder as the MLT project file. This is referring to .mp4 files on the hard drive, not individual clips from the timeline.

The basic idea is to move all those phone videos to some other folder, then either “Convert to Edit-Friendly” all of them or Handbrake convert all of them to a non-VFR file with the same name and back into the original folder with the MLT file. Shotcut will be unaware that the source files were swapped out. Depending on how bad the drift was while editing on the original VFR files, it’s possible a few cuts will have to be tweaked, but any tweaks from here on will be solid because they’re made against non-VFR files.

If the videos weren’t in the same folder as the MLT, the idea still holds… it’s a basic swap of all source files with non-VFR versions. Shotcut neither knows nor cares that media is swapped out. So in your case, the timeline will magically “just work” after the swap.

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