Need Help: DirectShow is not available in "Open Other" menu under Device

I want to do some voice over so I follow the Youtube tuto here:

But my problem is that I don’t see DirectShow item in “Open Other” menu under Device and I use Windows 10 ???

Screenshot of what I see:

And what I should see:

Your arrow is still pointing at the correct location, select “Audio/Video Device” in place of “DirectShow”

Thanks I tried but I must have do something wrong since it was not working but I will try again.

Do you know technically why directshow don,t appear ?

Is it related to Windows 10 ?

The name was changed in Audacity.
No, it’s not related to Windows 10.
Here’s what I’m showing in Shotcut 19.02.28, running Windows 10

Directshow was removed a few releases ago.

Windows 10
Open other Audio Video Device.



At this screen press OK

Select the export tab. Select one of the audio presets.


Click capture file.


At the file save dialogue, give the file a name click save.

Start talking. Once done press stop capture.

Thanks a lot everybody for the clear explanation ! :+1:

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