Mystery audio track

Hi all!

Ive just been finishing up an edit and suddenly noticed my project had doubled in length from 6 to 12 minutes. Strangely the second 6 minutes is a duplicate of the audio clip I’m playing as the background to the video, however it doesn’t show up in timeline.

I’ve tried deleting all the timeline tracks, and somehow it’s still there and playing! (With the project then showing as 6 minutes length)

Anyone know if there is any hidden places this could be coming from?

Extra info:
I’m using the latest shotcut.
Closing and reopening does not solve.
When exporting, the mystery audio also goes with it.

Any helps appreciated!

Alex #FlaminMad

We do not know how it suddenly appeared, but perhaps some sequence of track add/insert/remove operations caused it. If you upload your project file to this thread, someone can try to repair it for you.

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