My YouTube channel … made with ShotCut

I am a photo and video enthusiast; few years ago I also bought a drone. Then the need for a video editor. I’ve tried several, commercial and not-commercial and in the end my choice has always fallen on Shotcut. I’m planning to change the done with a new one with 4K video recording; testing some video editors with 4K sample video Shotcut is the one with the least preview lagging thanks also proxy mode (Vegas Pros crashes, Premiere Pro unusable, too slow, …) .

Great job guys !

I’d like only Shotcut takes advantage of graphics acceleration (NVIDIA Cuda) and new title improvements (templates, animation, …).

Sorry for my poor english !

Here my YouTube channel:

All videos are made with Sortcut !
Ciao !


I didn’t watch all your videos, but so far the Foggy Forest one is my favorite. Amazing views.

Here a video Made with Shotcut:
Slow speed, LUT, sound, …
Very simple with Shotcut.

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