My work has gone

I was working on a very important project of just 10 minutes video but shotcut even can’t handle that.
I did nothing to file locations of any clip, I did nothing other than just editing on shotcut the clip " clip I am talking about" and opening shotcut forum for last five days when I started my project.
And saved it every 5 minutes And maximum size of all the graphics, Elements, the main clip, etc. was about 139 mb. The clip I am working on shows nothing while opening, but all other projects I created to test after the problem has occured to find out other things I do after this problem is working or not or they are having same problem and they were all OK.
Just my most important work has gone.


Is the project MLT file gone, or source video, exported video?
If it is the MLT file, did you make a backup copy of it?
Did Shotcut crash?

If the MLT file is still there, what does it look like when you open it up with Notepad, or Notepad++

I do not understand. What exactly is gone? A file or folder on the file system? Or, the project file exists and opens but is completely empty or only partially?
You can restore a previous version from backup. This functionality is built into both Windows (File History) and macOS (Time Machine) with only the cost of an additional hard drive.

Shotcut does not crash, and the mlt files only opens in shotcut but what happens is when I open the project all the items in the playlist and timeline does not appear and I created the backup of that but the back up has been corrupted and the worst this is my most important project. And no files has gone from my pc.

Sounds similar to this.
Providing a lot more detail along with screenshots will help tell the full story here.

I saved two files one is the original and second named as “backup important”.
The backup one has got corrupted and original one is opening but files I loaded on them and edited are not showing on them “worst problem to m on this planet” my 100$ is stuck on that project and I have only got 2 days in as deadline Now I will work again day-night to make the same thing.

Wait, Something is happening,
wow, the backup file is now working and…and… I exported the file and its alright after the export. Thanks for your help.

I checked for the cheapest SSDs but none of them are less than 120$ and I have a 4tb computer and 100 bucks to spend on, even HDDs will be more than 100, but now my problem has been solved.
Anyway, thanks for suggestion.

I wish there was an option to disable “Save” altogether. I number all of my saves, using Save As, but occasionally a false click of Save writes over my most recent backup.

@kagsundaram, You can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S to save as and it will make the mistakes of clicking save much less because you use the shortcut. If you are using macOS the shortcut is this shift+command+S.

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