My video is lagging over audio recorded in Zoom edited in shotcut

Hi Team,

I need your help and advice strategically (may be I am doing or need to do fundamental change while recording ?) or tactically ( May be i am doing editing mistake ? )

My videos are consistently lagging over my audio . . I really don’t know why . .Pls advice .

Video example

I suspect that the original video created by zoom has a Variable Frame Rate. You should convert it to “Edit-Friendly” in Shotcut.

When you record in Zoom you should set the option ‘Optimise for third party editor’ in the Recording preferences.

See here for some useful advice:

P.S. In the presentation the screen capture program “Screenflow” is mentioned, which is only available on Mac systems. If you are on Windows system you could use OBS Studio or Sharex:

If you are only using Zoom to record yourself, and not an actual multi-person Zoom session, I would advise you to use OBS Studio instead. It is a little overwhelming when you first look at it, but after a very short while you will wonder why you never used it in the first place.

For a very good introductory tutorial on OBS Studio see here:

If you need to record your Zoom with no lag, you can try some other good screen recording tool such as OBS. It is free and powerful. But for me, it is a little complex. You can try it and check if it meet your need. And some paid screen recorder are more easy-to-use, such as Bandicam, Camtasia, FlashBack, RecMaster and so on. If you want a free one, just ignore the second half of my answer.

If you have installed by the answer of @SallySunny .

Then setting up different windows of OBS would be helpful. Let me explain what I do:-

I have 2 monitors, I use the ultrawide for handling both windows of OBS, and the normal for zoom.
Then on the first window, I set up a scene to just record a app window (i.e. zoom), and no audio.
And then I use the second window of OBS for just recording the audio, no video. And by this way, it encodes my video and audio seperately, remaining more quality.

But remember, by this way, it will result in taking more resources to run your pc (i.e. more ram) and could result in lag if you have a pc with 4gb or 8gb ram.

Hi @SallySunny @Elusien First of all thak you for all the valuable comments and advice.

I forgot to mention why I use Zoom to record , Actually I am an online Tutor to indivicuals which I conduct over Zoom , Hence I end up having zoom recorded video which I further process in shotCut.

So , Given my need , ( that is I use same zoom for tutoring) ; What is your recommendation
How do I use OBS studio or other best practices do you recommend ?

Do you teach law?

I love that subject, unfortunately, I couldn’t join it at the time of studying. I was forced to chose math, because my family thought math has a lot more scope in it.

I am assuming that you are running Windows on your computer. Using Sharex, a free screen recorder, is probably the easiest method for you:

  • Download and install Sharex from here:
  • Start your Zoom session, but do not auto-record it.
  • Start Sharex and click on Capture->Screen Recording.
  • You will see a large circle with cross-hairs in it, move it to the Zoom window and left-click there.
  • Sharex will now record everything that happens in the Zoom window, but if the sharex window was on top of it it will also record that. If that is the case, minimise the Sharex window.
  • There is a small popup window that has a button saying STOP. Press this at the end of your Zoom session.
  • The recording of your Zoom session will be in a folder called:
    C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\Documents\ShareX\Screenshots\yyyy-mm\
  • Import this video into Shotcut to tailor it to your requirements.

I forgot, by default Sharex does not record audio. To configure it to record audio see here:

Hi, If you want to use OBS, here is the detailed steps.OBS is free and full-featured.

  • Launch Zoom and OBS.
  • In OBS, under “Sources,” click the + icon and select “Display Capture.”
  • Choose “Window Capture” option and select “Zoom.exe” as your source, but this might not always work.
  • Choose the monitor to display the video from the dropdown list.
  • Click on “+” under “Sources”>> “Audio Input Capture.>>“OK.”
  • Select your input device from the dropdown list, then click “OK”
  • Choose the output device from the list. To avoid doubling sounds, you can use headphones.
  • Press “Start Recording.”
    The above is about how to record with obs. It’s really not friendly for novice.
    If you think it is too difficult and you want an easy one. You can try RecMaster(which i’m using now). It is a paid software but i think the price is worthy. It help me save a lot of time.
    By using this tool, you just need three steps to record zoom.
  1. Choose the full screen mode
  2. Choose the sound you want to record(system sound or your own voice)
  3. Click the REC button to start
    Hope this will help you too:grinning:

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