My Travel Video made with Shotcut

Started Shotcut 3 months ago and this is my first video.
The first video project I ever did. It’s not too bad for that, is it?
What do you think? I look forward to suggestions.

Thanks to “Ben Espanto” and others, who helped me a lot

Juergen Eger

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For a beginner video i would say really great!
Just a few things to mention (didn’t watch all the video):

  1. Intro text shows up much too long - its disturbing! Looks like you start with a 3d-rendering? (elevator?)
  2. I wouldn’t show text and read the text at the same time - unless video is meant for the blind.
    I would rather suggest just telling your story while showing approp. footage, pictures or video.
    Its boring to see the text when you are reading it anyway.
  3. You blend in a lot of maps and travelling detail - which is fine. But it can be too much for the just interested viewer without wanting to have that level of detail. I tend to do the same - boring my viewers :slight_smile:
  4. In general i would concentrate more on video footage with fun scenes or interesting landscape, people in the streets, sigthseeing highlights.
  5. video duration: its fine to have 34 min. video for personal travelling but for external people it might be just too long.
  6. you could provide a red thread by starting with the day and its highlights (as short text or audio intro).

7. camera movement/ shaking: try to hold the camera as steady as possible. Esp. when doing turns - do it VERY slow! Its quite shaky in some parts.

All in all - really nice work!

cheers Rilo (also Germany)

For your first video a travel video is ambitious, but you did a great job! Going straight to a wipe transition (an advanced skill) at the very beginning is very bold.

I agree that the text lingered a little too long. I wouldn’t go longer than 5 seconds. I would also work on the scaling of the text. I found it too big.

I would integrate the text narration more into the video by freezing the last frame from the last scene and blurring it a little bit, and making that the background of the text, instead of just black.

For the images that don’t fill up the screen, I would try to zoom and fit it to screen or add a blurred version of the zoom in the background, so there isn’t just a solid black background.

For the scrolling text, you don’t need a separate background color. I would set that to transparent.

Overall, it was a great first video. Way better than my first. I admire the ambition of trying advanced techniques. Great job!

Für dein erstes Video ist ein Reisevideo ehrgeizig, aber du hast einen tollen Job gemacht! Es ist sehr mutig, gleich zu Beginn direkt zu einem Wischübergang (einer fortgeschrittenen Fertigkeit) zu gehen.

Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass der Text etwas zu lange verweilte. Ich würde nicht länger als 5 Sekunden gehen. Ich würde auch an der Skalierung des Textes arbeiten. Ich fand es zu groß.

Ich würde die Texterzählung mehr in das Video integrieren, indem ich das letzte Bild aus der letzten Szene einfriere und ein wenig verwische und das zum Hintergrund des Textes mache, anstatt nur schwarz.

Für die Bilder, die den Bildschirm nicht ausfüllen, würde ich versuchen, ihn zu zoomen und an den Bildschirm anzupassen oder eine unscharfe Version des Zooms im Hintergrund hinzuzufügen, damit nicht nur ein fester schwarzer Hintergrund angezeigt wird.

Für den Bildlauftext benötigen Sie keine separate Hintergrundfarbe. Ich würde das auf transparent setzen.

Insgesamt war es ein großartiges erstes Video. Viel besser als meine erste. Ich bewundere den Ehrgeiz, fortgeschrittene Techniken auszuprobieren. Gut gemacht!

Thank you for taking the time to answer in such detail.
It’s nice to see your own from the perspective of an outsider.
I wanted to finish the video, even though I would do a lot differently from the beginning.
I appreciated the comment.

Juergen Eger

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Ah, hello, it’s you from YouTube, you’re here?

So I can say thank you for your YouTube videos,
without you I would not have come this far in ~ 3 months.
You have incorporated some suggestions,
for example the idea with the (green-screen) elevator.

I know that all of this is far from perfect.
But now it has come to a conclusion,
thanks to you (and others).

Juergen Eger

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Hello! I’m glad I’ve had an impact in inspiring your video creation! Yes, I spend a lot of time here and is usually my inspiration for developing my own videos.

Near the beginning, there is a wonderfully executed “Looking through the doorway… Going through the doorway”

For the remaining vertical-cellphone shots, this could be used again and again, making it a motif for the entire video.
(Just get different doorways.)

Dude… you’ve picked up some terrific Shotcut skills… ( Ben will likely tell you it was all his doing, but I know better :crazy_face: :grin: :crazy_face:)… I admire these things in your video: a) this must have taken a heck of a lot of time to put together. and I hope it’s appreciated by your (mostly?) german audience. b.) The camera(s) you used are great… but to compete with the pros, you’ll need to add more image stabilization while walking around with it. … I really Ioved all the scenes, and the transitions were cool… I wish I had the patience and time to do such a thing but myst tell you … here in the USA generic Youtubers typically don’t have the patience to sit thru something this long… Hope you make more… and thank you for sharing it.

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Yes, you realized it well.
It’s been a tough time the last 3 months but I’m happy to have gotten to a point now.
Now I am enjoying the freedom I have gained again.
At the same time it is 100% an expression of my point of view and my experience and not what others want to see.

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