My timeline tracks have disappeared

Help, please. (I have searched through this, and other forums, along with going back to default settings, and randomly pushing keys in frustration; and to pushing keys I should. But to no avail. Could someone please help with this?)

Last night, whilst I was saving my project with the ctrl+S short cut. I inadvertently hit one of the other keys around it. Since then my timeline, with all the video files, edits etc. has been cleared. And I seem to have some extra information around the player. It still plays, and I suspect all the information is there, I just can’t see it.

How do I get my time line tracks back?

Shotcut ver: 19.12.31

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View / Layout / Restore Default Layout

That is not the problem. The problem is that he did something to remove all the tracks in the timeline, and now they are gone and cannot be recovered. Instead, what you see in the Project player is the playlist, which is normal behavior if you choose not to use the timeline. If you want to start using the Timline again, nothing stops you. You simply need to add media or tracks to that area.

@MesutAkcan thanks for that advice, however that is the default setting. I tried that.

Thanks for answering this. So basically I have to start again as the tracks I originally created cannot be recovered. Bit of a blow, but good to know. Thanks again for taking the time to answer. must be more careful in future

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