My text wont appear

When I go to type some text the text does not appear. I have my playhead on the clip and I have it selected. All I see is the box and the circle. How do I fix this?

Edit: Now it seems that no video filters show up except on the first selection of the video.
How I fixed that is I reset my display method to automatic, but that no longer works. I also tried multiple times on different display method. Nothing worked.

Hi @cutekittycatmeow , having more detail would be helpful. Perhaps if you posted a full screenshot of your Shotcut project? There may be something on it which might give clues as to what you are doing wrong. Thanks!

Looking at your screenshot closely shows that you have a clip on V2. That clip is overlaid on V1, therefore the text will not display. You need to put the text on the uppermost track.


@sauron I did what you said, but I still have the same issue

But thanks for the help

Hmm, to my eyes you should now be seeing some text. If it was me I would now try this: Add a new video track (V2), go to Open other > text, type some text, then drag the preview window onto V2. You should see the text., which is now placed on a transparent clip.
Doing it this way is better anyway because you can then easily position where you want your text to appear, and also fade in/out as desired. Hope this helps…

Alright thank you for your help

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