My Shotcut's GUI looks weird

Before I update it, it looks like this

But when I updated to latest version, I got this

All the icons changed to 3D, so weird!

I’m using macOS 10.15.7
My Shotcut version is 22.06.23

Have you changed the Settings - Theme from system to fusion? That changes it for me (Win10). Personal choice I suppose.

That works for me!
I think “System” is macOS theme, I like it in most software, but not in Shotcut.

Where did you get it from?

My version (22.06.23) was direct from here. I’m not sure where @s109038 downloaded from.

Yes, I downloaded from

It looks like a wierd bug which combines the icon of fusion white whith the background colour of fusion dark.

Do you have any steps how you installed it?

I just open the .dmg file and install.
When I change the theme to fusion, that change back to normal looks.

It is not really a bug. The system theme on macOS is picking up the macOS system dark palette. It does not do that on Windows due to the platform architectural differences.

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I didn’t know that.

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