My Shotcut keep freezing when putting a video on timeline

This happens only when I’m putting video to timeline when it’s picture or audio its alright but when I put video in the timeline it will freeze for an undefined amount of time.

Laptop Spec
CPU = Intel Core i7 7th gen 2 cores 4 logical processors
GPU = Intel Graphics 620
Ram = 16gb

If it is 1 or 2 second freeze then it’s ok, But if it is longer than 3 seconds, Than I think their might be a problem, And if you have 1 to 3 seconds of freeze it’s is normal on every PC and a 1 second freeze always happens to me.

Do the freeze makes shotcut to crash or the video never stops the freeze and crashes?

It freezes for an undefined amount of time but it’s more than just 3 second and I can’t click anything in the Shotcut when I click once the Shotcut window will turn to a transparent white window and if I click multiple times the “Shotcut is not responding” panel will show up.

That never happens to me, So now it is hard to tell what would be the solution.

  1. If you have opened several programs with shotcut than try to close them.
  2. If this doesn’t work, Restart your PC.
  3. After restarting, Re-open Shotcut.
  4. If this doesn’t work again restart your PC.
  5. If nothing works, Uninstall and re-install shotcut.

Or capture screenshot, Screen Recording when it does that again.

Where should I send the video recording?

You can just press this button Annotation 2021-04-28 172505 in the reply box of the forum and upload your screen recording or screenshot if it is 4mb or lower size, If it is larger , than upload it to google drive, dropbox, or the service you use and share the link of that video in the text box.

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…or YouTube and choose “Unlisted” then share the link here.

Here this is the video Sorry if the thumbnail is rick asley because I’m using his video as an example.

Shotcut is working correctly, but it’s trying to process is a bad video file or a really long video file.
Your computer just ran out of memory is all.
According to Shotcut, your video is 19,884 hours long.

What?? The video is supposed to be only 3 minutes long and when I open task manager it only use 50% of the memory.

Open the file in Shotcut, then click on Properties.
What is shown in the Properties for that video file?

Ok, I found the problem I think it’s a bug idk why the real video is 3 minutes and when I imported the video to shotcut it became 19,884 hours long but now it work when I use .mp4 file format because in that video I use .webm

I also noticed it, Annotation 2021-04-28 174539 the time is 19884 hours and that is insane, Even a PC having 128GB of ram has 95% Chances of crash.

And 19884 hours is 828.5 Days, Approximately a very little amount of 2 Yearssss! :scream:

Yea there is a bug on .webm format here the link to the file I was using
you could donwload it and try your self if it happen to you too?

MediaInfo output:
File is not complete.

Look at this article from MediaInfo

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I am am watching the #2 upload of the video from Source on the Playlist; it hasn’t gotten to the end yet, LOL.

I uploaded it once, it showed the ridiculous time.
But my Shotcut was set for Proxy; it immediately made a proxy, figured out the correct length, and changed the length on the Playlist.
When I changed Proxy to Off, the correct length persisted on #1.
I dragged the same file to the Playlist again, #2; Shotcut still has not figured out the correct length, yet it plays fine.

I’m working on a project to use Google Chrome to create a video from an HTML <canvas> animation. It creates a VP8 in a webm container and when I open it in Shotcut it has the same problem (huge playing time and “isTruncated: Yes”) it is also variable frame rate. I open “properties” and “convert to edit friendly” and that is fine.

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If the duration is wrong and you know what it should be, open the clip in Source, go to Properties, and change the Duration. As simple as that.

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