My shotcut doesn't open!

Whenever the loading logo pop up, it will say not responding, i have reinstalled more than 3 times, if someone doesn’t help me fix this after this post, i am never using shotcut ever again, i am sick of this, it has been broken for 3 months and i literally can’t upload a video, please understand my issue.

Shotcut version ? Win64 system ? Is your computer realy powerfull enough?
When reinstalling, did you erase registry ?
Is your graphic gard driver is up to date?

Did you activate GPU decoding?

Not enough information and unable to reproduce. Shotcut is not compatible with every computer system, I think it is not compatible with yours, and you should use something else.

I see you have posted before where I indicated there is an incompatibility:

Since then, we have upgraded our GUI library, and it might have improved things. I doubt it will help, but you can at least give it a try by upgrading to the latest version 19.02.28.

how to activate gpu decoding, and yes win64 system, latest shotcut version


hey, i have tried the latest version, not working, and yes i changed my display method which makes my screen invisible, then not long after my shotcut just cannot open no matter what. If it really doesn’t work, please suggest me a free video editing software, i really need to upload videos

Try Kdenlive.