My Project Will Not Open

I was working with a project that was a little over an hour long. It suddenly crashed after saving and now whenever I try to open it, the little blue text box that says “opening file” pops up but nothing happens. Eventually the screen goes white and Shotcut crashes. I have no idea what to do. Can someone help?

It sounds as if your project file (.mlt) has been corrupted. I you post it in a reply to this post then I’ll take a look at it for you.

For future reference you should always keep a backup of your project file. See below for suggestions on how to do this:

Shoot, I need to get a new computer. I don’t think I even have room to back up all my stuff. Could my storage being nearly full have anything to due with the corruption for future reference?

That’s a possibility. I have an external 2TB disk that I use for backup. You can get one on Amazon for well under $100.

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