My new YouTube tutorial - Typewriter Text

For a bit of fun you might like to checkout this webpage:

It enables you to type as if on a typewriter, with different fonts, overtyping, correction ribbon, brokenness (i.e. how “wonky” the lines are), ink saturation, typing sounds etc.


Effectivement, c’est bien pensé et bien fait.
Je pense que certains pourraient nous faire une petite vidéo en enregistrant l’écran avec OBS ? puis en l’important dans SC

Indeed, it is well thought and well done.
I think that some people could make us a small video by recording the screen with OBS? and then importing it in SC

Muito bom! Parabéns

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Awesome tutorial. Very creative!

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Thank you! Obrigado!

Thank you very much!

Looks amazing - can’t wait to give it a whirl …

Hi all, im new. Regarding the typewritter effect, for me i just use the masking effect. Just copy the existing clip and apply the Simple Text. Place a Mask on top of the text and adjust the settings. By using keyframe, control the speed. Works for me.


Thank you Jonray. This is what I needed. But I think I am doing something wrong. When I open a document (I have tried with various programs) there is this vertical line like a cursor after each word or letter that I type. And when I do the screen recording, it also records that annoying vertical line at the end of each letter. Is there a way to eliminate that?
Thank you so much for your help.

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Hi @dankhara - Thanks for your comments - glad you are making use of my tutorial. Unfortunately though I think all text editors have a blinking cursor and as far as I know it is difficult to find a solution to remove the cursor if you are using using my method.
HOWEVER, there is a way! Check out @elusien’s brilliant typewriter effect app:

There is an option for removing the cursor!!

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No. Thank you for your easy to follow and comprehend tutorials. Very generous of you.