My new tutorial on Youtube

I discovered Shotcut a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been learning the basics from Youtube tutorials and this forum - thanks, guys, for all your help!

I decided to make my first video a tutorial (!). It shows how I created a short opening sequence to a video I’m planning to do, called “One World”.
My video has just gone live on Youtube, here:
My new tutorial video

This tutorial covers some basic/intermediate techniques, including:
Editing on the timeline,
Muting audio,
Slowing down video,
Adding text,
Fading in/out text,
Using multiple tracks,
Adding an audio track,
Replacing audio.

I realise that I may be able to do some of the operations a little faster with a little more practice - Please bear with me if this is the case - and I would welcome (constructive) comments from this forum if anyone here can help me with any further tips or general comments about my tutorial.


Nicely done, Jon. But you must be a “young buck.” As an aging geek I had to stop the video a bunch of times and back it up to see what you did - you went way too fast for me. On the other hand, I find some other tutorials plodding. Yours definitely was not!

It is interesting to watch others put together a video since there seems to be more than one way to do the same thing. For instance, I have been following the shortcut list published here and adding a Playlist clip to the Timeline I have been using A or V. For a couple of weeks now I have been making my own shortcut list, adding the “missing” shortcuts and reordering them by relevance.

Again, nicely done, thanks for sharing and best regards.


Very nice and informative. Great to see how other users create with Shotcut. Well done.

Many thanks for the reply, Ken - I’m not actually young anymore, unless you count 58 as being young! Yes, I have been a little frustrated with some of the more slow-moving tutorials on Youtube so I decided I’d make sure I go fairly fast on mine and show each step I took along the way. And thanks for the tip on using A and V to get clips from the playlist to the timeline. I will investigate!
Best wishes

Thanks, Mike, your comments are much appreciated. I hope it gives someone some useful tips.

By way of constructive criticism, I’ll play the curmudgeon card here… :smiley:
If you plan to do more tut’s, please buy a microphone…

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nice tutorial…well done…i’m still fairly new to Shotcut myself…and this was really helpful…thanks

(Your curmudgeonly comment made me smile, Steve … :blush:)

As a pro musician I do have a very nice AKG microphone (2 in fact, and also a 16-track mixing console) so I have the necessary hardware - I just decided to add subtitles to my first tutorial instead of adding a commentary! (I am now the world expert at creating subtitles and let me tell you it would have been a LOT easier to use a microphone …) :yum:

… mainly because of the (to me) weird way that the text size varies according to how many characters you use each time. I had over 100 subtitles in that tutorial, and I had to manually resize every one, trying to make them all the same size. I didn’t succeed!

I really hope later versions include the choice to choose a set font size for text. I know I could use HTML overlay but I’m new to that and would welcome any help/ advice with doing that. And I presume with HTML it would be hard to position the text accurately each time?
Thanks Steve for your reply…
PS Is it OK if I start a new thread discussing this text size issue, since this post will be deeply hidden from immediate view on the forum?

Gosh, I went to you tube, but was unable to see the video. For some reason the HTML5 wouldn’t
co-operate for me.

Hi ellisand,

It’s still out there:

It’s 7 months old now, and I did it with a really old version of Shotcut, but thanks for your interest!