My Never Ever Ever Seen Sun Catfish During Tank Draining

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Nice fishes. I used to have a couple of aquariums about 20 years ago. Not that large though. My biggest was 33 gallons.

I’m curious, why do you say in the tittle that your sun catfish is “never ever ever seen”?

Hello, thanks for the comment.

When the tank is up and running I have huge pieces of drift wood in. My sun catfish tunnelled into one of them and made a home / cave which it never comes out of - so basically never see him until now while draining the tank.

I had a silver arowana that was 77cm in this tank which past away due to an extended power outage of almost 2 weeks. I was so disappointed that I sold this tank - hence the draining…

I now have 3 smaller tanks - largest is 70 gallons - from 300 gallons…

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