My Latest Travel Video from Belize

Because I was having such difficulty outputting my usual 24 fps format without a really bad stutter, I decided to export this one in 30 fps to smoothen it out a bit.

I could’ve done a lot better on color grading but the super-sunny conditions made it extremely difficult, and I’m trying to speed up the editing process and be more efficient. Enjoy!

Here’s a follow-up adventure


Lovely trip, Ben! I’m not jealous at all!! :wink:

Damn shame it was too sunny! LOL! :sunglasses:

Seriously, nice editing and music choices. Congrats! :+1:

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You can’t have everything perfect! I hope you are doing well!

Fine, thanks @bentacular! Looks like you are doing well too! 10.6K! Well deserved. Congrats again :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
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But all those sharks!
You’re lucky to be alive, with all your limbs…
You came back with all your limbs, right?

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Who needs limbs?